Welcome to the homepage of the Edition Nordstern. This small company publishes classical music and is specialized on forgotten and rarely played music from the romantic period that spans from the 19th century to the early 20th century.

With our editions of neglected works we would like to  make them available to music lovers, musicologists, and performers who want to explore the musical regions beyond the usual repertoire.


More Edition Nordstern publications now also available as PDF downloads !
MIDI renderings of new scores here !

New editions and plans:

Now: J. Raff - Overture to the opera “The jealous ones (Die Eifersuechtigen)” WoO55
Now: J. Raff - Orchestral prelude “Romeo and Juliet”, WoO 51, full score
Now: G. Pacini - “Stella di Napoli”, Sinfonia, full score, details here
Now: D.F.E. Auber - “Le Philtre”, Overture, full score
Now: J. Raff - “Te Deum” for mixed choir and orchestra, full score, first publication
Now. G. Meyerbeer - Cavatina from “Ein Feldlager in Schlesien”, full score and piano score
Soon: J. Raff - Orchestral prelude “Othello” WoO 52, full score
Soon: G. Meyerbeer - Overture to “Alimelek oder die beiden Kalifen”, full score
Soon: F. Halévy - Overture to “La Reine de Chypre”, full score

All new editions of the Raff series will be issued as hardcover volumes.
More news here.


Edition Nordstern has published the opera “La Reine de Chypre” by F. Halévy. has been performed and recorded at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris in June 2017. The recording is scheduled for release by Editions singulaires. Scores and parts are available for hire with Edition Nordstern.